The “If I Did It” Saga

The story of the publishing of the book, If I Did It’ begins with the secret deal between O.J. Simpson and Harper Collins, the publisher of the book. Read the contract here.

Nancy Grace – ‘Fox Cancels O.J. Book, TV Interview’ originally aired 11/20/2006: Transcript

Nancy Grace – ‘Did O.J. Spend the Money’ originally aired 11/27/2006: Transcript

Nancy Grace – ‘Ron Goldman Sues O.J. Simpson Over Book Deal’ originally aired12/20/2006: Transcript

The Goldman family was then successful in obtaining an order dirtecting the sheriff to sell Mr. Simpson’s rights in the book.

Read the Application Here.

Read the Court’s Tentative Ruling Here.

Read the transcript of the court hearing

View the Order Here

View the Assignment Order and Restraining Order

On March 23, 2007, LBA attempted to stay the sale of the If I Did It book. Read the Transcript of the Hearing Here

Read the  Order Declaring Lorraine Brooke Associates, Inc. A Surrogate of O.J. Simpson. (3/23/2007)

Nancy Grace – ‘O.J. Simpson Fights Book Auction Order’ originally aired 4/06/2007: Transcript

View the order denying a stay of the sheriff’s sale

Subsequently an Order Staying the Sale Was Entered


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